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Whats a Cool Home?

Cool Home is an idea conceived by BDL Investment in response to the needs and aspirations of modern living.

The idea is embodied by a spirit of distinction. An aesthetic desire. There are houses – and there are houses. Indeed there are homes – and then there are homes. However, the only Cool Homes to be found anywhere in the world are at Green 9, SEA VIEWS, 08 Cool Homes and 16 Cool Homes thanks to BDL Investment. Defined by an innovative character. A drive to surpass the conventional.

A functional and distinctive concept of design. A creative response that constantly seeks convenience, comfort and – above all – a pleasing aesthetic.

For people who exude that spirit of distinction. People who want a space that fits their lifestyle. Modern. Urban.


Aviso Legal

BRISA DEL LITORAL S.L. C.I.F.: B-92031426 | Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Málaga. Tomo 2307, Libro 1220, Folio 33 hoja MA-35787, Inscripción 6ª | Domicilio social: C/ del Mar, 68. 29740. Málaga.

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